Track Record

To date The Cooper Team and its predecessor, Residence Resource, have been responsible for over 950 sale transactions worth over ½ billion dollars in the eight Lincoln Towers buildings. We have sold a  number of apartments multiple times and have sold a number of clients successively larger residences as  their families have grown, and sometimes smaller ones as children leave the fold. But our success in  being able to provide a superior level of service and experience has been acknowledged even beyond  our record of sales achievement. To our knowledge we are the only broker ever to have been selected by  a Board at Lincoln Towers to market an apartment the cooperative corporation has come to own or  become authorized to sell, and we have been retained in that capacity on seven separate occasions.  Residence Resource was the first brokerage to break the $1,000,000 threshold for a sale in Lincoln  Towers, and we have since closed another 100+ seven figure sales. In 2006 we became the first firm to  broker a $2,000,000 sale, and we have sold multiple apartments for more than $3,000,000. In many  instances we have successfully worked out and coordinated the intricate details and logistics of different  owners purchasing each other’s units and have effectively shepherded through deals involving as many  as seven interrelated transactions. We have been able to assist when necessary in other complicated  situations involving estates, relocating contiguous owners, and purchases for trusts, parents and  children. Our background, experience and suggestions concerning how to approach and structure such  transactions often are instrumental in getting them done. Our input and opinions concerning all aspects  of the Lincoln Towers market are not only constantly solicited by sellers and buyers, but also by their lawyers, appraisers, mortgage brokers and, often, other real estate brokers.

Let’s Accomplish Your Real Estate Goals Together

The Cooper Team are committed to providing their clients with the highest level of service and expertise. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, Andrew and Chase can help you achieve your real estate goals, including by providing a complimentary market analysis of your Lincoln Towers apartment. Contact them now!

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