Lincoln Towers Community Association (LTCA)

The Role of Lincoln Towers Community Association

Each of the eight Lincoln Towers cooperative corporations is a member of, and pays dues to, the Lincoln Towers Community Association, often referred to as LTCA. LTCA is responsible for many of the common concerns of the buildings, such as maintaining the grounds, snow removal and employing the Security staff, groundskeepers, and additional staff, and performs certain repairs. More importantly, according to the original Offering Plan pursuant to which the buildings converted to cooperative ownership, LTCA serves "as a vehicle for the continuation of the spirit of community which has been established at Lincoln Towers." It is, in fact, the forum in which all eight buildings regularly come together to address common concerns, tackle common problems, and effect common improvements and advances that are enjoyed by all of the residents of Lincoln Towers. A good example of LTCA’s efforts in that regard is its participation and sponsorship of the annual Halloween Celebration and Parade around the complex (for kids and pets).

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