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Lincoln Towers Info – Amenities – Parking

incoln Towers has a tremendous amount of off-street parking available. Four of the buildings (150, 165, 185 and 205 West End Avenue) have indoor garages, which are available for monthly rental to any resident of any Lincoln Towers building. Each is accessible from its respective building's basement, as well as from either a West End Avenue or Freedom Place entrance. Each garage also accommodates transient parking by the hour or day, which is convenient for visiting guests who either can't, or don't want to try to find an on-the-street parking space.

Convenient outdoor parking spaces are also available at each building, but only for purchase, and only by apartment owners. Like apartments, each outdoor parking space has a specified number of shares allocated to it, and carries a monthly maintenance charge (tax deductible to the same extent as the maintenance on the apartment), which varies slightly from building to building, and is currently about $180.00. Also like apartments, prices for outdoor spaces are determined by market forces, primarily involving location (in front or behind the building; proximity to the doorman) and availability. Parking spaces can be purchased at the same time an apartment is purchased, or at any subsequent time, though shareholders in a particular building can only own a parking space located at that building. It is common for the cost of a parking space to be included in the mortgage obtained to purchase an apartment. Parking spaces must be sold if the accompanying apartment is sold; the parking space may not be owned by itself.

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