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About Residence Resource – History

esidence Resource Ltd. is an independent real estate brokerage. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Lincoln Towers Community Association, or any of the eight cooperative corporations. We are, however, the only licensed real estate brokerage dealing exclusively in Lincoln Towers apartments. Founded specifically to serve the Lincoln Towers market by Andrew Cooper, a long time resident, just as Lincoln Towers was becoming involved in the coop conversion process in 1986, Residence Resource quickly became the largest and most prolific brokerage presence involved in the sale and exchange of Lincoln Towers apartments.

This record of achievement is due largely to the reputation we have earned over the years for providing the highest level of expertise concerning: the Lincoln Towers sales market; the details of what was, at the time, the largest cooperative conversion ever to be accomplished at one time in New York; the sometimes involved structure and relationships between the eight separate cooperate corporations and their community association; the rules, regulations and policies of each of the eight buildings; the Board approval requirements and process in each building; and the closing procedures and requirements to be anticipated. Our knowledge and ability to instantly answer almost any question and provide guidance in these areas means that both seller and purchaser are able to make the most informed and knowledgeable decisions from the time they begin to market their apartment or begin to look at units to buy, through the sale/purchase and contract negotiation processes, continuing through the very important process of qualifying the purchasers and preparing their application to the Board for approval, and culminating with the closing.

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